today we are going camping at cape bridgewater with a couple of other families for easter. we are driving there right now and i cant wait to get there. it is about three hours away from home so we had to get up at about 5 oclock in the morning and get ready. i cant wait for the easter bunny to come on sunday night! byebye.

my third favourite movies are star wars. i like these movies because they are really action packed and there is lots of cool scenes. star wars would have taken ages to make because of all the special effects and the fact that they gor for over two hours! my probably most favourite thing about star wars are the light sabers! i really want a light saber. my favourite character i star wars would definitely be luke skywalker. may the force be with you! byebye.

well, my second favourite movie of all time is chronical. this movie is about three teenage boys who gain these super powers that are like the ones in star wars where they can move stuff with there mind. then near the end one of the boys goes really evil and starte destroying the city. this movie is really good and I rate it 4 and a half stars out of 5. byebye.

well, I have decided to have a theme for the next few days and that is my top three favourite movies. my number one movie is the hunger games. in the movie there is 12 districts and these weird people choose a boy and girl from each district and then they need to survive. back at the big city they can control the environment in which they are in. they can add trees or anything else where ever they want. I rate it 5 out of 5. byebye.

well, I have this little cat and his name is scout ( or as he as known around my house, scouty boyses) and he is the cutest little thing ever!! we got him for Christmas just over two years now I think. he can be very energetic and playful but he can also be in the mood to sleep all day! I sometimes feel like doing that to sometimes!! although sometimes he can be a big meanie-poo and hurt you by scratching or biting you. although my mum always says he is just playing with me. but I think he’s out to get me! well I think that pretty much sums up scouty. byebye.


This is my first and i not really used to blogging so dont expect my blog to be too good especially because this is my post. On this post i will talk about one of my most favourite things in the world which is minecraft. Minecraft is a sandbox game where the only limit is your imagination. I love this game because it lets you create pretty much anything you can think of. The game doesnt really have an objective in which you need to complete but you do need to gather resources and survive. You have to build a shelter and survive. i could go on all day about minecrfat but i wont because i dont want to make this post too long.  Well that is the end of my first post. I didnt think i would enjoy blogging as much as i do.